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Many people seem not to understand what ROM photography is all about, when you mention ROM photography, wedding photography come to mind. Truth is, there is a difference between ROM and wedding. ROM photography takes place during registration of marriage, you can therefore opt to have a ROM and skip the wedding. Since you will need to have a perfect reminder of that special moment, you will obviously need ROM photography; to capture the wonderful and even euphoric moments and preserve them for future.

ROM photography is different from other forms of photography. First, there is the time factor. Event photographing tends to consume a lot of time because most events are pretty lengthy. ROM however tends to take a lesser time. This ensures that photographer utilizes every moment to the fullest. Every moment will be timely captured and the pictures truly will speak thousands of words.

Considering the cost factor, ROM photography comes cheaper than other forms of photography. Since less time is used the cost greatly reduces. Some ROM photography companies come with delightful ROM packages at reasonable prices. These packages are inclusive of rental of ROM gowns, accessories, makeup and hairdo, photography, videography and even hand bouquet. When you consider the cost of hiring different people deliver these services and the cost of getting a ROM package it is evident that the ROM package will come in handy.

Events and weddings tend to have such a great crowd, in ROM however the number is greatly less and therefore the bride and groom will have a lot moments for themselves. Every treasurable moment will therefore be captured and they will have them to cherish forever. During the ROM it is also possible for couples to have complete make overs and dress up as different people, obviously this is not possible during a wedding, which makes ROM photography all the more interesting. Couples can dress in uniform, wedding gowns, royal outfits, what is even more exciting is the retro set. Photographers help the couples to pose as what a retro couple would pose, they recreate the retro feel and tell their own stories using photos. So in a way, ROM photography totally has the wow’ factor which can lack in weddings and events.

Just like the wedding therefore, the ROM is equally important. It enables couples to present a different side of themselves to their close friends and families and make the occasion even more memorable, exciting and joyous. So, depending on your finances and ability, when planning a wedding think about the ROM and carry along a photographer.

It is for this reason that comes in handy. We believe that your ROM album should be beautiful, amazing, be able to tell a story and definitely bear the wow factor. We have a network of professional photographers and obtaining our services is just a click away. We assure you of no disappointments because we offer beautiful and efficient photography services. So contact us and let us know more about your ROM plans and how we can help capture those cherished moments. All suitable photos will be edited and processed. Our prices are reasonable and our services are efficient.

We hope that you now know what ROM photography is all about and that the next time you will consider it or suggest it to a friend. Just remember that our photography services are a click away.


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