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Maternity Photography Kuala Lumpur

If you are expecting, what better way to celebrate than with a maternity photography session? A new baby is exciting, but it is during the months leading up to your baby’s birth that you should take time to appreciate the miracle of pregnancy. A maternity photo shoot results in beautiful photographs you can share with your family for generations to come.

A maternity photography session is rather different from other types of photography. Generally, maternity photo shoots focus on the expectant mother, although it is becoming more common for the father to be included in at least half of the photos. The mother will generally take her pictures in a nursery, nature setting, or other place that symbolizes life and celebration. Your photos can take place anywhere that is significant to you and your loved ones, but be sure that it is somewhere that translates to photos. Ask your photographer for ideas if you are not sure where you should get your pictures taken.

Because you are pregnant, what you wear is very important. Many expectant mothers wear pink or blue to symbolize the baby’s gender. Often, the mother will wear a long flowing dress or lacy top as it is feminine and flattering to the pregnant form. If your significant other is going to be involved in your maternity photos, choose outfits that complement each other so you two will look nice when you stand together.

Your pose is also essential to a successful maternity photography shoot. Side profiles are a beautiful way to highlight your form while still remaining tasteful. Close up shots of your midsection also highlight your impending arrival. For ideas, do a Google search or check Pinterest. Your photographer is also a good source of information on what poses are most flattering, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you are having a hard time coming up with poses.

Some people use maternity photos as a way to announce the name or gender of their child. If you are considering doing this, try to wear a gender neutral color, like yellow. Craft cute letters that spell out the name of your child and have your photographer take a picture of you next to them. The possibilities are endless.

To ensure the best maternity photography shoot possible, make sure to consult with your photographer before the day of your session. Discuss what you plan to wear, where you want your shoot to take place, and what poses you want to do. Make sure to ask your photographer for advice if you are stuck on anything. The person taking your maternity photographs is experienced and should offer you some advice for creating the best shots possible. Talk about what you want your images to say and who you plan on showing them to. Above all, your photographer should be professional, respectful, and willing to work with you to craft the best images possible.

Like with other types of photography, maternity photos require some forethought, but with a little extra planning your images can be as beautiful and unique as your growing family.


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