Planning for a church wedding can be a daunting task to one who does not know where to begin. Here is a simple guideline to support husband & wife to be on their upcoming wedding;

  • A few churches may need both or one (bride/groom) to be a member of the church for a time frame before the wedding service date.
  • Understand the requisites for the wedding ceremony rehearsal. Will there be an overall flexibility for the day of the week and the time/ hours of day?
  • Be on a lookout of limitations during the day|of waking time of the week and the time of day that the wedding ceremony takes place. E.g; marathon, festival, school fair, etc. Worst case scenario is for your guests to be caught in the traffic jam & being late!
  • Include at least 3 dates in mind when seeking the pastor’s/minister’s/ reverend’s availability and confirm immediately. The best time to confirm will be 4-6 months in advance.
  • If your preferred church has a church wedding coordinator, an outdoor wedding coordinator is typically allowed to assist with the wedding ceremony. The outside wedding coordinator assumes on the role of helper to the church wedding coordinator if allowed to ease the church wedding ceremony.
  • Other third-party Co-officiates are not allowed to facilitate the ceremony unless they are affiliated with the church committee.
  • Church floral decoration may be considered a gift idea to the church, take into consideration to make certain you have confirmed the guidelines and consider them with your floral and decoration budget.
  • To do way with carpet and floor staining, some churches do not allow the throwing of flower petals. A wonderful alternative is to have your flower girl(s) hold Wedding Pomander Balls. Peony Designs are ideal to look into.

Happy Planning & Many Wedding Blessing to you! 🙂