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Lifestyle Photography Malaysia

Lifestyle photography is more “in the moment” than those that are shot in a studio. This kind of photography is much different than most other forms in the sense that it’s mostly candid. When someone thinks of photography, the image of sitting up straight or pose in a studio while a photographer clicks a camera and a blinding flash of light comes to mind. However, there is at least one kind of photography style that is the complete opposite of what most think. There are numerous different “styles” in the world of photography- from portraits to weddings and anniversaries, but lifestyle portraits are rarely ever named.

Lifestyle Portrait is something heard less often to those who don’t take pictures for a living, and some confusion arises as a result. Lifestyle Photography is simply a picture where the subject is in their natural environment.

  • A teacher among their students
  • A chef working in the kitchen,
  • A video gamer playing their favorite version of Assassin’s Creed 

The goal of lifestyle portraits is to capture the subject as they normally would be on any other day rather than in a studio, and as a result the images are more natural. You don’t have to hold your hand to your cheek and smile to the camera, nor are you required to wear frilly clothes only your grandmother could love. Some prefer lifestyle photography because they feel more comfortable in their own skin and at ease doing what they’re used to in front of the camera. There is no posing involved, and most of the time you wouldn’t even realize that a photographer is standing right in front of you. 


Package A


  • (Valid for Klang Valley only) 

  • 20 Photos Selected
  • 4 Hours Shooting
  • 1 Location
  • Photos provided in CD.

Package B


  • (Valid for Klang Valley only) 

  • 40 Photos Selected
  • 6 Hours Shooting
  • 2 Locations
  • Photos provided in CD

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