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Garden Wedding Photography Kuala Lumpur

Garden Wedding has continued to be very popular amongst couples as it takes place in a set up where nature is the centre of focus naturally creating a romantic and beautiful feel. If you are planning a garden wedding you can be assured of nothing but exceptional quality of wedding pictures by our photographers. Our garden wedding photographers aim to seize the refreshing moments; the swaying of trees, the greenery, the fresh air coupled with the décor chosen by the couple.

Our photographers have a lot of fun while taking garden wedding photographs though it requires patience and tact to capture the best effects. There are three recognized approaches to wedding photography; traditional, photojournalistic and fashion-based wedding photography. The first is characterized by posing where the photographer has a lot of control and interaction with the wedding party. In Photojournalistic wedding photography the photographer takes natural pictures having little interaction with the wedding party. A more urban style, fashion-based approach combines both posed images and candid images of the day’s events. While shooting garden wedding photographs, our photographers apply both traditional and photojournalistic styles or merge it by using the fashion-based approach.

They will interact with the wedding party in taking posed pictures and take random shots that best bring out the wedding in its beautiful natural self.

Nature lends a lot of earth colors that our photographers will capitalize on, to give your wedding that authentic and beautiful feel that cannot be achieved as strikingly in an indoors setting. Similarly, they can create a black and white effect to give your wedding an old school (80s-90s) feel based on your preference. They will interact and work with you to ensure that your wedding pictures are to your utmost liking.
We are dedicated to making the photographic experience of your wedding as exceptional as you have always dreamed it to be!

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