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Food and beverages photography requires some special skills in this kind of art. It could be simply for an advertisement or just for sharing on your facebook page. Although the basics are identical, there are some aesthetic rules in food photography. That turns it into a new rich territory, where a person can rely on his skills, but without turning back on some golden’ abilities like improvisation and creativity.

What do customers find interesting in this type of photography? Food is attractive. It has all the necessary elements that create a striking image. Colors, forms, shapes, unlimited variations, all of these things summon a passionate desire in us. After we open the newest cookbook and we see couple of recipes, what takes our attention away? Yes, the pictures. We see all the perfection right there; we need to EAT it just by looking at it. How about advertising, just look at a simple beverage commercial on TV even on social medias like Facebook & Instagram.

When you see that sweaty beer bottle, the first thing that comes in your mind is that you feel thirsty, only after a brief glimpse. Simple trick, but successful enough.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by images everywhere; they are fragments of our daily life. Big part of them includes food. After looking a picture of some delicacy we start to wonder, what does It takes to make something simple as this – an object of people attention. How this crisp looks so delicious, who designed the arrangement, and the lightning? This is a true art. Usually it takes several people to make one picture worthy. We know about cooks and photographers, but they are also people called food stylists. They do the most important job – making food attractive, decorating It, improving It. This way they turn food into a tempting view designed to draw attention and catch admiration – one of the main purposes in a good advertising. It is extremely important to give a unique touch in a picture, especially in times we are bombarded daily by tons of images. This is the main reason people consider food and beverage photography as art.

Our team of professionals provide the best possible quality and results to our clients. Good quality is very important, so our tries to encourage developing of a new touch in food photography, without neglecting some of the old school basics. Our professionals try to give you this warm fuzzy feeling of job well done, thanks to this unique product photography set, and you as our client being satisfied is goal number one to us!

Package A


  • (Valid for Klang Valley only) 

  • 20 Photos Selected
  • 4 Hours Shooting
  • Inclusive of minor food styling

Package B


  • (Valid for Klang Valley only) 

  • 50 Photos Selected
  • 6 Hours Shooting
  • Inclusive of minor food styling

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