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Corporate event photography is a unique art form. Unlike wedding pictures, corporate pictures are not about selling emotions. They are about making the strongest marketing impact. Pictures taken during an event do not just tell a story. They capture the highlights in the best possible light. The best corporate event photographs can take the theme of a particular event and raise it to a completely different level, adding further substance and depth.

Corporate photographs can be adapted towards different goals. They can be used in promoting the activities of the company. The right shot can be the poster picture for the company’s website or used within brochures or calendars. They can also be used to boost morale within the workplace. For instance, posting pictures of events within newsletters may instill a sense of belonging to staff members, further boosting company loyalty.

Corporate event photography is challenging. More often than not, events are hosted indoors where visibility is low. To get the right shots, you will need a professional photographer who has the right equipment for low-light shots and more importantly, knows how to use it. And even when you find one, you will need a photographer who can blend in with the crowd. The last thing you want is for your photographer to arrive at black tie event dressed in a pair of jeans.

However, perhaps the biggest challenge of corporate event photography is that it has a shorter margin of error. Unlike weddings and birthdays, where the photographer gets the opportunity to stage scenes and shoot retakes, with corporate photography, you need a photographer who can take the initiative and capture the right shots when they occur. The ability to understand the needs of a company and identify what the best shots are, is what sets professional event photographers from amateurs.

That is where we come in. We understand the importance of getting the right pictures during events which is why we always with the best cameras. The photographers within our network do not rely on just one camera, they work with multiple cameras that can be adapted to different settings. Working with more than one camera also ensures that there is a backup if we should ever run into any difficulty. To ensure that the pictures are not distracting, our photographers work with low-noise cameras. They are skilled in taking either portrait or wide angled shots.

Polite and professional, our photographers work tireless in the background . They arrive hours before the event to scout the best positions and remain long after the event is complete. They also take into consideration the type of lighting in the room and use this in choosing their equipment. This way, they can keep the flashes down to a minimum. To ensure a smooth experience, our photographers work with multiple memory cards. This way, you never have to worry about the camera suddenly running out of space. Bottom line, corporate events are not just social occasions. They are a key part of a company’s history. In that regard, consider us the recorders of history.


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