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Our Aerial Photography package specifically focuses on buildings and related concepts. Our goal is to provide high-quality pictures of both the interiors and exteriors of buildings and architectural objects. This package approaches architectural photography from four dimensions i.e. interior, exterior, technical and creative.

Interior photography focuses on the interiors of buildings. It covers aspects like layout, design, spaciousness, lighting and even décor. Our professionals are proficient at capturing magnificent photos of both empty and fully furnished interiors. Exterior photography focuses on buildings from the outside. It covers a building and the overall landscape and environment in which it is. We can capture wide angle images of the whole building and its environs, or take up-close shots highlighting intricate architectural details.

Our team’s technical approach to photography takes a structural view of a building. It is aimed at capturing accurate details of aspects such as architectural design, masonry, angles, lines and motifs. Our technical photography produces pictures which are exact representations of the objects photographed. The creative approach sees the photography as an art-form and the building as an object of art. The focus is to produce beautiful shots which may or may not accurately represent aspects of the building. In this case, we use artistic approaches like composition, artificial lighting and even decoration to aid in producing stunning images.

Architecture Photography is carried out from a domestic, corporate or real estate perspective. The domestic perspective targets the photography needs of individuals or families in their homes. The corporate perspective is intended for corporate bodies. The real estate perspective is targeted at fulfilling the needs of agencies and individuals who are in the real estate industry.

Many of our photographers take their work as a hobby and so approach it with a dedication usually reserved for the truest of passions. It is this dynamic synergy of professionalism, passion and dedication that we deploy to give you the perfect architectural photo. With the best architectural photography equipment that the market has to offer. Among our collection are high grade wide lens cameras, tripods, interior lights, SLRs and much more. We also employ the latest photography techniques, many of which are developed in-house by our innovative photographers. We also utilise the latest photo editing software to ensure that the pictures you get are accurate to the last detail.

In a nutshell, our Aerial Photography package combines highly trained professionals with the latest methodologies and high-tech equipment to produce pictures that are absolute works of art. Whatever the size of your project, we have the capacity to deliver pictures that will exceed whatever standards you set for us. Hire us today, and watch us exceed your expectations.


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