1. Adat Bertunang (engagement custom) = Our highly trained professionals capture every moment of the occasion as the man announces his intentions. We also cover the henna-staining rite as the couples friends and family stain their fingertips with henna oil.

2. Akad Nikah (the marriage contract) = Here we fuse our expertise in malay wedding photography with our knowledge of Malay culture to capture all the important details. We take artistic photos of the couple as they exchange their vows and sign the love contract. We freeze in time the moment when the groom pledges a mas kahwin to his beloved bride.

3. Bersanding (bethronement) = Here, we deploy the best equipment on the market to photograph each and every step of the colourful occasion. We photograph the couple as they sit on the pelamin and receive a shower of blessings from their guests and loved ones. We cover the makan beradab (formal dinner) and the couple’s respects to each of the families.